Essential Rewards

Essential Rewards

What is Essential Rewards ?

I am so glad you asked. I love this program, along with so many others, and I know you will too. Let me share a little about what it is, and how to get started!

Essential Rewards is a loyalty program created by Young Living, designed for members who love their oils + products and want more of it! They made it possible for us to order regularly and get perks doing so. So, if you are ready to jump into a natural, healthy routine with Young Living, this is your program!


Here’s how it works…

You set up your very own personalized monthly order by going into your Virtual Office and clicking the Essential Rewards tab to enroll.

Add what items you would like to have in your ER shopping cart, the minimum is at least 50PV or $50. Check to make sure the PV and $ amount are the same, some products have different amounts.

Then you choose your shipping information; how fast to ship and on what day you’d like for your order to process.

All of this, including the products, and the shipping information can be switched up or changed each month. It’s all your choice.

Simple as that!

And here’s what you get in return…

Points back to use as “cash” to purchase more oils + products.

If you are enrolled in the first 1-3 months on Essential Rewards, you get back 10% of what you order in “points.”

Essential Rewards.jpg

Example: If you order 100pv or $100, you’ll get back 10 points. Basically, $10 to use for something else. That rolls over each month, so saving them up is fun for us to do to grab something special!

But, once you hit month 4, that percentage jumps to 20%!!

And then on month 24 and as long after that as you stay on ER, you’ll get back 25% of the pv amount you order each month.

It’s like free money lol

Free monthly promotions

Each month on the 1st Young Living rolls out their generous monthly promotions. That’s free oils + products for all Essential Rewards members.

These promotions have levels. Depending on how much you order, you will get back those products according to each level. Here’s how it works.

Take a look at this March Promo graphic.

March promos

The levels are:

100pv, 190pv, 250pv, & 300pv (it’s rare, but sometimes they through in a 400pv tier to give away a special something!)

So, if you order 100pv in March, you’d receive the percentage back in points (according to what consecutive month you are on enrollment) PLUS a free Orange Vitality essential oil.

And if you were to hit the 190pv, you’d get everything on that tier and below.

As if that weren’t enough…

ER Loyalty gifts

Once you’ve consecutively been enrolled on ER for 3, 6, 9, & 12 months, Young Living will send you a special “loyalty” oil with your order.

What!? Yes… you also get a ANOTHER free oil with your ER order.

And the one you get on month 12 you can’t even buy. Gary Young made it specifically for ER members. It’s called Loyalty :) And it’s divine!

And on top of all that, YL created something that allows us to sign up for FREE SHIPPING! (kind of like Amazon Prime)

It’s called YL Go and YL Go+

You can find all those details HERE! But I’ll just say, it’s so worth it!