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Young Living - FAQ

Young Living - FAQ

Why do I have to “become a member” to order from Young Living?

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Well actually, you don’t. You can order from Young Living as a “retail customer.” It would be like walking into Target and buying anything. You just go the website www.youngliving.com, enter the member number of someone who helped you, or get assigned to a random person, kind of like referring the name of the salesperson who helped you at the dressing room, and then order your product. 

They why do people become members of Young Living?

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For all the perks! A lot of people start with becoming a member because they want the Premium Starter Kit. It’s the cheapest way to join because of the discounted oils in the PSK, the wholesale discount they receive as a member @ 24% on every other product “in the store” (on the website) for the rest of the membership, and you get the chance to earn cash back and free product. It’s like signing up for a Costco or Sam’s Club membership, or maybe even snagging the Target Red Card and using their 5% cash back option when you buy things, but SO much more comes with it than just cash back. 

If I become a member, do I have to sell a certain amount or keep any inventory to sell?

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You are required to sell NOTHING while being a member of Young Living. I repeat, nothing! If all you wanted was the PSK, that’s all you’ll get. You can order at your leisure and there aren’t any obligations. 

So, why do I see all my friends “selling” Young Living on social media?

They either


1. Love the product and want to share with their family and friends,

or both 1. & 2. Love the product AND are excited about the income opportunities Young Living offers! If you haven’t heard of RESIDUAL INCOME, friend, do yourself a favor and check it out! Here is a 25 minute video of Ryan Hase talking about the value of the Young Living business and its residual income opportunity. 

What if I don’t know anything about essential oils? How will know I am using them correctly? 


Great question! And that’s why WHO you get to help you sign up is very important! Your leader or sponsor isn’t required to help you, but SO MANY do because we love Young Living and love what it’s done for us. Most have a beautiful welcome package they love to send out, welcome emails, and lists of guides and references that have helped them get started, and they share with you! A lot have Instagram pages that show how they use oils and Facebook groups with other members sharing their usage and experiences (certain health support, kids & oils, pets, etc.). So, be sure you at least ask your helper or sponsor if they have educational information to help you get starter. 

**There’s a lot of information out there on Pinterest and the internet, and unfortunately a lot of it is incorrect. There are 3 types of “schools of thought” on essential oils and Young Living falls under the French aromatherapy school of thought. I say this to let you know that not all resource information you find on the web is goin to correspond with how you use Young Living essential oils. Our quality and practices are different from others. 

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I’ve heard about this “monthly wellness box,” or Essential Rewards they keep talking about, do I have to order monthly or be on an auto ship to stay with Young Living?

No. That loyalty program was created for members who love the product and want more of it! Through that program, Essential Rewards, members get discounts, faster shipping options, and cash back or points to use for free product. OH, and just plain ole free product for ordering. Young Living is super generous! But that is totally an optional program, and you aren’t required to take part. 

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Want to join? You are in the right place, friend! Check out our About The Kit page and look at what you’ll get in the PSK! You can also choose Retail Customer after clicking the JOIN button at the bottom of the page.

Comment any more questions you may have!

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