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Toxic Chemical Exposure - Deer Park Tank Burn

Toxic Chemical Exposure - Deer Park Tank Burn

Craig and I got to talking last night about the fire over in Deer Park, which is simply horrible. But we were talking about what’s actually burning and how they haven’t released any of that information yet. A lot of people are concerned about what’s actually burning up in our air space. 

Craig brought something to my attention… they burn that stuff up all the time, whatever it is. Those flares we always see going to Baytown, it’s chemicals. Maybe it’s diesel or gasoline, or maybe it’s something really bad, we just don’t know. 

What we do know is that even the bad stuff they deal with in those plants, we come in contact with all the time, we just don’t see it that way. Those bad chemicals are for us, for our products, for our consumption. They make plastics and other consumer products and they add those chemicals into things we use daily. 


Yet we are freaking out because it’s visible to us now? (I’m not talking about freaking out because of the people being put at risk fighting this fire and those job hours being taken away). 

I keep seeing that meme on Facebook with the Goonies character and how people are referencing Pasadena folks in 2024. Yea, they’re probably right. That stuff isn’t good for our bodies lol It’s a funny meme, but also a serious one. Because of bioaccumulation. 

It’s already happening. We are slowly accumulating these chemicals into our bodies one FDA approved product at a time.

I’m sure most think I am crazy, but I don’t care. And I know we can’t get away from bad chemicals altogether. Not possible. Well, maybe if we all went off the grid. But we can reduce chemicals allowed in our home. 

Craig said something that rang so true, “it’s because of the demand.” They keep making it because we keep buying it. And I know it’s everywhere, in our couches and home decor and our rugs and mattresses. But we can reduce the hit we take by buying more “clean” products. Those that are truly chemical free. 

bio accumulation - sage and grace

We can limit the amount of plastic in our homes. We can buy chemical free hygiene products and stop buying fragrance engulfed products. 

And we can monitor what we actually breathe in, inside our homes, and what we ingest, and what we apply to our skin. 

It’s not hard. We are doing it now. Yea Young Living is a major jump in that direction, but there are SO many other companies that provide clean products… a quick search on Google or Amazon is so easy to do! Just make sure you check them out on EWG.com or the Think Dirty App and you’re good to go! Even Instagram holds a lot of non-toxic or chemical free products and companies. 


green washing - sage and grace

I write this to encourage. We can have an impact on our current condition, in our homes, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Start slow and easy. Switch out your cleaning products (we obviously love Young Living and use one cleaner for the whole house!), but be cautious of “green washing” and check out any product on those references listed above. Primally Pure is a great company that we grab our deodorant from, all natural & actually works!

Then move to your personal care products, soaps, shampoos, etc. (again, YL carries all of this lol it’s why I share YL, because it made the switch so easy for us). 

Reducing what chemicals you can now, will have a major impact on your future, for you and your family. Little steps turn into big changes.


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You can even start Young Living with a Thieves Starter Kit! Pretty simple if ya ask me! Join HERE!

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