Hello, my name is Brittany Neale.

I’m a southern girl living in Texas, mothering boys, and enjoying life in the moment. Pursuing Jesus, intentionality, gratitude, and empowerment as a mother, friend, entrepreneur, wife, and lover of all things healthy + natural.

Now for the specifics…

I’m almost 32, about to give birth to my 2nd boy, and wife to my love, Craig, for almost 7 years now. We’ve been together since high school. So, a total about about 14 years.

Some of my favorite things right now:

design - I’m obsessed with Joanna Gaines and all things Magnolia

writing - I’ve always been a writer of journals and notes and lists, but I’ve finding how intentional writing can bring me so much more joy

learning about my gifts - which is writing! And how doing more of what God put inside of me to do is bringing more of my true self out.

And relationships - all of them, and learning how to deepen the few I have is so rewarding.


I hope this blog inspires you to explore new places. Feel free to leave a comment or follow me on social media!